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Airplane noise

  • Noise levels (decibels)
    60 dB
    65 dB
    70 dB: defined as 'irritating' level of noise, comparable to a vacuum cleaner or television set at a loud volume.
    75 dB: defined as a constant irritating level of sound, comparable to a busy restaurant.
  • SOURCE: Noise Contour Map (2016) from Federal Aviation Authority.

    NOTE 1: Decibels are a logarithmic, not linear, measurement of noise levels. 70dB is twice as loud as 60dB, and 80 dB is twice as loud as 70dB. At 80dB, there is possible hearing damage over an eight hour exposure.

    NOTE 2: However, the noise contour map does not reflect all the neighborhoods that are affected by airplane noise. Please see our report for a chart of the neighborhoods where the most airplane noise complaints have been made.
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Flood zones (beta)

  • Zone A
    Zone AE
    Zone AH
    Zone AO
    Zone VE
    Zone X
  • NOTE: This map is for informational purposes only and shall not supersede any federal laws or regulations applying to Flood Insurance. This map should not be used for any final flood determination and does not represent the FEMA FIRM maps. The properties displayed on this map as being within Zone A shall not imply those properties are required to purchase flood insurance; that determination is made by the National Flood Insurance Program and the official FIRMs for Suffolk County MA. This map does not necessarily identify all areas subject to flooding.

    SOURCE: Flood Hazard Areas are delineated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for display on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) 2016.
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Zoning districts (beta)